Great minds create surprise

Great minds
create surprise

Great minds

Great minds

Great minds deliver magic

Great minds
deliver magic

Great minds

Great minds think Alike

Great minds
think Alike


We’re Alike

We create simple, powerful, premium brands. We love working with those who are like-minded. Those great business minds who value authenticity, quality, service and who stay true to their heritage. We build strong and long-standing relationships with our clients, based on respect, honesty and integrity. We keep our promises and stand by our word. These values, combined with our personal and direct service, is what makes us unique.


It’s the thought that counts

We’re thinkers first and foremost.
Our biggest compliment we continue to receive from clients is that we’re clever. Our thinking is both creative and strategic. Delivering the ‘wow’ factor to clients is what others cannot copy. This is what continues to set us apart from the competition.
We have big agency experience and expertise but we work at a boutique level – engaging directly, one-on-one with our clients throughout the entire process. We say it straight, and deliver it great.

Our vision is to create a hub of great minds who are changing the world with breakthrough thinking.


Our leadership team

We’re a team of alike minds, lead by Trent and Angela Penfold. We work with people, brands and organisations that inspire us. We collaborate with our clients and industry experts as a team of great minds. Our model is about working with the very best and who share the same values of respect, honesty and integrity.
Trent Penfold
ange_navy (2)
Angela Penfold


A tale of two minds

In 2007 we set out to make our mark on the world. It was a time when agencies were big and so were budgets. Branding was a little-known word back then and was often mistaken as just a logo. Instead, ‘Advertising’ or ‘Visual Communications’ were the commonly used terms to describe services. So having always zigged when others zagged, we went down a different path by creating a little boutique business called ‘Trent Penfold Brand Consultants’. Tucked away in the back room of our fibro house in a leafy suburb of Brisbane, we had big dreams of building our relatively unknown specialty – branding.
Before our business, Trent had spent 8 years in advertising and had worked with many iconic brands that are still around today. Everytime you see a Greyhound bus shoot past, it’s his handwriting that has scripted the typeface. When you travel over the story bridge, you’ll see his ‘Story Bridge Adventure Climb’ branding. Travel past Dreamworld and you’ll see his giant drop logo. Trent was awarded nationally and internationally for his work. So on the back of his success, we knew this was the right time to launch. Angela continued working full-time in Corporate Communications by day, and worked on the business in the evenings. The plan was to build our complementary skillsets and eventually work together.
Our strategy for our boutique brand consultancy was to be nimble, keep overheads low and provide outstanding client service. Angela had experienced first-hand the challenges from working with the big agencies, so we knew the changes that were needed. Our first DM piece to our potential clients was a relay baton. We’d written down the frustrations from a client perspective of being ‘hand-passed’ when dealing with the big agencies, wrapped it around the baton and sent it away. We’ve never done any marketing since.
Jump to 10 years and here we are. The term branding is now so common, it’s strange to think we were one of the first brand consultancies. We’ve recently rebranded as Alike to pay tribute to those like-minded clients and colleagues who have shared in our success. Success is only ever team-driven and we’ve always had a great team behind us. Our team being our like-minded clients and sibling agencies. What makes us most proud is that we’ve never had any free rides or lucky breaks. Being here today is the result of hard work, and the willingness to keep learning and investing in ourselves.
Thank you to all who have shared in our journey thus far.
Trent & Ange