Here’s to those CEOs where nothing is ‘beneath them’

We took this photo as a bit of a joke on a recent film shoot. Trent was sitting in the corner, with the very important job of providing his pulse to run the heart rate monitor. The video was a culture piece for one of our clients, to celebrate the amazing culture that they have within their workplace.

What we didn’t know until after this particular shot was filmed, was that down the hallway in another room, the most genuine and authentic example of great corporate culture was being demonstrated. The CEO was in the ward helping his colleagues make the hospital beds. And apparently it’s something he does all the time. Later on we asked him why? “Because that’s when I get to check-in with my staff and see how their day is going,” he replied.

This post is a shout out to those CEOs where nothing is ‘beneath them’. The CEOs who are genuinely leading their organisations for the right reasons and not for the limelight. Those who want to make a true difference on a daily basis. You have our total respect.

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