Qantas ‘walk the talk’ during covid

“If you’re not willing to get vaccinated, then airline travel is not for you.”

As stated by CEO Qantas, Alan Joyce, during a recent media interview on Channel Nine’s Today show.

Boom! It reminds me of a time when a former CEO announced to staff “If you aren’t 100% on board with this change, let’s organise a meeting and we’ll decide which one of us will go”. No one booked that meeting.

Sometimes to move forward, someone needs to draw a line in the sand. Qantas is one of the first corporates brave enough to do so.

But there’s more to this than what meets the eye.

Safety has always been paramount to the Qantas brand, and this example is a powerful demonstration of how great brands work. Great brands, like Qantas, use their brand to operate their organisation in a highly focused, efficient and effective way, by using their brand as a management approach to drive their culture, company operations, and customer experiences. And in the case of Qantas, this safety-first approach drives all decision-making, messaging, and actions.

It’s ‘walking the talk’ in the most authentic way.

It’s a demonstration of branding at its best.


Author: Angela Penfold, Brand Strategist
20 years’ Brand, Marketing and Communication experience in-house and agency-side across many diverse portfolios, nationally and internationally including Government, FMCG, Finance, Technology, Health, Real Estate, Motor Sport, Travel, Professional Services, Fashion and Utilities. 

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