Mass marketing misses the mark

If you have a finite budget, don’t waste your money on mass marketing. Unless of course, you feel like throwing your money away without any specific return or result, then it’s ok.

Mass marketing is just that. Marketing to the masses. Except the problem is that the masses aren’t listening. Because your message is just adding to the noise of the other mass marketing.

When you’re talking to the masses, it’s likely no one’s listening. So why not be on a platform where they do? When you speak on behalf of your brand, speak to be heard. Avoid adding to the clutter and the strategy ‘always on’ because if you’re ‘always on’, it’s likely your customers will switch off.

You may think that mass marketing channels such as social media are free so it’s a good place to be, but don’t forget that mass marketing still costs – in time and resources. It won’t hit the mark. And if it does, it’s unlikely to hit who your desired customers is anyway.

Instead, be more strategic and highly focused in your efforts. Determine who your smallest viable target market is, and go straight after them. Your chance of success is far greater, and your return on investment is likely to be achieved.

Avoid trying to be everything to everyone. Why? Because it runs the risk of not being seen.

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