Bundaberg Ginger Beer

Australian family owned and brewed for over 50 years from real Australian ginger


The purpose of this strategic review was twofold: to narrow the focus for the Bundaberg Brewed Drinks brand (BBD) by strengthening and capitalising upon what they’ve built over the last 50 years; to then plan what the Brand’s strategic and creative direction looks like, 2020 and beyond.


We went back to the very beginning, and learnt from the Brewmaster and Founder himself, Cliff Fleming, to understand 'why' and 'how' this little business born in Bundaberg Qld, grew to become an international sensation, now exported around the world.

We left no stone unturned. We tested the ‘why’ behind the business and made sure it still rang true today. We understood the business’ intentions nationally, and internationally, to ensure the brand and creative direction supported and complemented the business strategy going forward. We revised and recommended a new brand architecture, that better supported the brand extensions, and differentiated from what was the corporate brand and the consumer-facing brand. We identified the greatest brand opportunities and recommended positioning in the market to suit. We developed tone of voice, brand communication principles and messaging, and content themes, that related back to the brand’s pillars of excellence. Articulating these, together with reinforcing the brand’s purpose, helped to establish a consistent, focused and powerful brand strategy and creative direction going forward, that played to the brand’s greatest strengths, and market opportunities, both nationally and internationally.

Through our clever thinking we set out to identify new opportunities and inspire change. We abandon assumptions, create disruption and discover what others can’t see.


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