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For QSuper to truly deliver on their customer promise, they need to attract and retain the best people. Those amazing people who will selflessly go above and beyond for their customers. Who are less about helping themselves, and more about helping others. Those who are about the ‘we’ rather than the ‘me’. ALIKE were approached to develop an employee value proposition that reflected their 'people side' of their brand.


A great EVP captures the higher purpose, what QSuper as an organisation, are trying to achieve in the world. Aspiration and shared purpose draws people in. It connects, motivates and inspires talent to be better. Our approach for QSuper was to elevate their EVP from others in the industry, by firstly focusing less on the benefits, and provide a greater focus on the higher purpose. This helped us to develop an EVP that was compelling, and authentically QSuper. As part of this process, we further identified who QSuper’s ideal candidate is, and what makes them ideal. This meant we could profile and describe what a great QSuper employee looks like. Throughout all key touchpoints, we spoke to the hearts and minds of those who QSuper were trying to attract, and retain, and connect with, at a deeper emotional level.

Every single employee has a part to play in building your brand. It’s their job to live it, protect it and grow it together.

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