It started with a vision…


Backed by a strong and successful history of treating the most delicate eyesight problems, there was a desire to take this success into a well-established industry, yet still a largely untapped market, Laser eye surgery.  ALIKE were approached to develop all aspects of this brand, including strategy, name, vision, purpose, positioning, pillars, design elements and messaging.


Laser Vision is one of the safest medical procedures available, and one of the most life-changing, yet it’s surprising how few people undergo this corrective treatment. We focused heavily on building the right foundation for the brand, performing an environmental scan to understand what’s offered in the industry, where the opportunities lie, and how to capitalise on these opportunities through the principles of brand. There were many existing, well-established providers in the market so differentiation was key. We ensured that the positioning connected emotionally with the customer and focus on the life-changing benefits, rather than focusing on the technicalities, processes and procedures of Laser Vision, which can be quite cold, medical and scary. We developed the vision for the brand, naming, brandline, brand communication and messaging, brand identity and design fundamentals to guide the way the brand speaks, and looks. All of our recommendations were to build this brand as a more premium service, and one that would appeal to anyone considering this procedure.

We get to the heart of your brand first. We pinpoint your brand’s purpose, passion and potential. We focus on what makes you different. And position you above everyone else.

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