Culture eats brand for breakfast

Brands are made differently now

In 2013 we saw a tipping point – some of the fastest growing brands in the world were known for their incredible cultures. That’s because brands are made differently now. Brands can’t be rolled out, switched on, or sold to the masses anymore –they must remain true to who they are and what they stand for. Inside the organisation and out.

Culture is your brand on the inside. Ignore it at your own peril.

The rise of social media has removed the boundaries that once protected your organisation’s reputation on the outside, from what’s happening on the inside. It’s now completely transparent. Your brand and culture have now become one and the same. What’s important is that they stand for the same thing, in the most authentic way.

What’s happening on the inside of a company is being felt on the outside by the customer. ~Shep Hyken

So why is branding still externally focused?

Every single employee has a part to play in building your brand. They can shape or break your brand through every customer interaction. Just as culture eats strategy for breakfast, it eats brand as well. The power of culture should never be underestimated.

The traditional agency approach to branding is outdated, yet it’s still being applied. Words on a page or nice pictures will not bring your brand to life. Only your people can do that. It’s their job to live it, protect it and grow it together.

This is our difference. Unlike other brand agencies who purely focus on the brand on the outside, we deliver real change. For your brand to live up to its true potential, we ensure your brand and your culture are alike. This is what sets us apart. And what will set you apart too.

Does your culture represent your brand, and vice-versa? It’s worth thinking about…


Author: Angela Penfold, Brand Strategist
20 years’ Brand, Marketing and Communication experience in-house and agency-side across many diverse portfolios, nationally and internationally including Government, FMCG, Finance, Technology, Health, Real Estate, Motor Sport, Travel, Professional Services, Fashion and Utilities. 

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