Culture makes or breaks brands

Branding has changed

The purpose of a brand has not changed but the way a brand comes to life, who is involved, and how it is evaluated, has shifted.

The biggest disruption to branding is cultural, and most companies are failing to adapt their brand strategy. Brand and culture are closely related – what happens on the inside and the outside of an organisation is now completely transparent. Your brand on the inside and outside needs to be one and the same. They need to be alike.

Why you need Enterprise Branding

Enterprise branding is the new way forward for branding. It takes your brand further by ensuring your people are engaged with your brand, and that your organisation has with the right culture, the right recruitment processes and the right value propositions. The result – a brand-aligned organisation that’s your greatest competitive advantage.

What steps are you taking to ensure your organisation is brand-aligned? It’s worth thinking about.


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