Customer Expectations of a Brand’s Role are Changing

“Good for humanity is good for business.”

Canva co-founder, Melanie Perkins in the Financial Review.
Canva co-founders Melanie Perkins and Cliff Obrecht’s pledge to give a 30 per cent stake – valued at $US12 billion ($16.4billion) – in the online design company to a charitable foundation seeking to eliminate extreme poverty puts them on track to create the country’s largest charitable foundation.

That’s what great brands do.

Great brands are using their social efforts to create value that’s far broader, deeper and longer-lasting than their commercial footprint.

They create so much value in the course of making profit and planning for the future, that their contribution to society grows with their success and extends the company’s influence well beyond its own operations and into the broader culture.

Social value and business value are becoming more and more intertwined. Because customers want companies to start using the power of their brands to inspire real change and have an overall beneficial impact on society.

From a brand perspective

It’s no longer just about refining your brand value proposition (to be sold). It’s also about discovering your brand value principles (to be shared).

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Never fail to understand your audience

Never fail to understand your audience