Bringing the values to life


QSuper employees know the four values and the philosophy ‘Members are at the heart of everything we do’. But like any organisation, there’s still much more needed to bring the four core values to life. ALIKE were approached to help QSuper employees to connect better with their values and to better understand what each value means. Only then can they hold themselves accountable, and hold their peers accountable as well.


Our approach was to help bring the four core values to life by creating a greater understanding of what makes up each value and how they should be lived – to help QSuper employees better understand the ‘how’, rather than just the ‘what’.

Firstly we updated the values’ identity from a design perspective. We drew inspiration from ‘Connection’ –the connection the values bring to a workplace, and most importantly the culture. The values could not only be represented individually, but could also be represented in one continuous line to reinforce that all of the values work together, each equally as important as the other. This adds further meaning through connection and symbolises everyone working together for our higher purpose. These continuous line drawings provided further internal creative options for animation and digital applications. We’ve also included a descriptive line for each value to bring clarification around the meaning and intent behind why that value is so important to QSuper’s culture.

Extending further to this Culture and Values refresh, we developed an internal awareness campaign “Where do you draw the line?”. Culture is set by the worst behaviour that is tolerated by the organisation, so to achieve the ideal culture state, we wanted to highlight what the desired behaviours look like, at an individual level. The idea behind this concept was to get people to think about how they can take responsibility for their actions, prompted by the question - ‘Where do you draw the line?’ By communicating the ‘how’ each individual can deliver each of our values, we are creating personal accountability and responsibility for our values to be lived in the ‘right’ way. To effectively reinforce the ‘how’ for each value, QSuper ran quarterly value campaigns that focus on a single value at a time.

Words on a page or nice pictures will not bring your brand to life. Only your people can do that.

QSuper's values refresh

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