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QSuper are consistently one of the best performing superannuation funds in Australia. Their unique and robust investment strategy means they outperform during volatile times, which was proven during COVID, when their investment strategy was the best performing of any other fund. ALIKE were approached to develop a brand campaign and a long-term brand toolkit with digital, print, and video assets that could be re-purposed, as and when needed.


In order to create the brand campaign, we needed to consider the acquisition and retention targets; consider what creative and messaging will appeal to potential new members, and keep the existing members. We also needed to develop a concept that works simultaneously at both the brand level, and at the tactical level when communicating rational proof points, awards wins etc. The intention behind the ‘Blue Sky’ campaign was to help reassure people that tomorrow will be bright, even if there are a few storm clouds overhead today. This is how QSuper’s investment strategy has been developed, to perform well in the good times, and even better in the bad. Blue sky is a metaphor for confidence, which underpins all of the creative. The creative campaign was rolled across TV, radio, outdoor, digital and press.

Brands can’t be rolled out, switched on, or sold to the masses anymore – they must remain true to who they are and what they stand for. And most of all, they have to be liked.

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