480 facilities in 11 countries


First established in Sydney by Paul Ramsey in 1964, Ramsay Health Care is now one of the top five private hospital operators in the world. They have a large international presence, with over 220 hospitals and day surgery facilities across Australia, France, the United Kingdom, Indonesia and Malaysia. ALIKE was approached to review their corporate parent brand which included a review of their brand architecture, logo, brand identity and collateral.


The objective was to bring greater presence to the national brand Ramsay Health Care across all business divisions and sub-brands. This stemmed from the company’s strategy to build greater brand awareness with the consumer market in Australia. Our process was thorough; to understand the business strategy and ensure it aligned with the brand strategy. We pinpointed the brand’s strengths and opportunities, and advised on the most suitable options for brand architecture and naming convention. An endorsed brand strategy was adopted – ‘Part of Ramsay Health Care’ – to tie entities such as their Pharmacies, Private Hospitals, Mental Health Centres and their other health facilities to the parent brand. This approach helped to reinforce and communicate the extent of this quality care network, and increase brand awareness of the parent brand, rather than each individual hospital or health service being perceived by the public as a stand-alone health facility, which was previously the case. We also modernised the logo, taking care to soften it to ensure it works well in a retail environment. The colour palette and brand image were applied across all touchpoints, including signage, uniforms and collateral.

The test of a great brand: when your customers don’t want to leave you because what you offer can’t be found or felt elsewhere.

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Ramsay Health Care Awareness Campaign

Ramsay Health Care Awareness Campaign