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The purpose behind this project was to address The Agency Real Estate's brand inconsistencies occurring across all the states of Australia. These inconsistencies in brand use and application were having a negative impact on The Agency's customer brand awareness and brand recognition. They didn’t look and feel like the same brand from market to market and this needed to be addressed immediately, particularly the fact that they didn’t own one brand colour. Some Agents were using white signboards and some were using black which was negatively affecting brand awareness and customer recognition.


As The Agency CMO, we were responsible for planning, developing, implementing and managing the rollout of a national Brand Alignment Project. Firstly we needed to be really clear on the why this was necessary to gain commitment from every corner of the country at every level of the company. Our approach was similar to that of an organisational change project and our priority was to develop simplified, powerful messaging that was clear and compelling.

We conducted a national roadshow with the CEO over 3 weeks at both in-person events and over zoom, to consult with our 400+ Agents nationwide and explain the need for the Brand Alignment, what we hoped to achieve and their part to play in achieving this.  The result? We grew brand awareness nationally by developing, executing and managing a national brand alignment to create brand consistency and brand recognition.

Great brands are built from the inside out.


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